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- Our Story -

In most states where cannabis is legal, cannabis lounges and bars are still illegal. So where do we go to socially consume cannabis? A couple years ago our team began hosting private cannabis events for medical marijuana patients called Lounge215. These events were awesome! A few hundred people gathering for the ultimate social cannabis experience and during one of our events we realized our mission: to give people a place to smoke in peace & chill without fear of assholes or cops. The spark for Campfire had just begun. But we’re big dreamers and a couple of events in the Bay Area wasn't enough. We wanted to take on problems the cannabis industry faced, bigger than just social consumption. So our journey to find Campfire’s true north began.

Imagine the cannabis industry like a sacred national forest. This cathedral of nature is now locked by gates and guarded by gatekeepers that take form as arbitrary sets of regulations forced upon the cannabis industry. These include expensive licensing fees that create a barrier to entry that lock out low income & middle-class people from profiting in legal cannabis. Regressive tax makes retail cannabis far too expensive and since you can’t hangout and burn one at the shop, why pay a premium? Meanwhile, those who have been locked out are not standing idly by. We embrace the rebel spirit every step of the way and out of the shadows of the black market we carry the torch towards a future that is bright.

Campfire has fought valiantly to ensure that people have safe-access to an open marketplace to share cannabis. Without unnecessary middlemen or greedy shops, just a free platform to connect you with boutique craft home growers and artisanal extract artists. Empowering consumers to expand their network, and giving home growers the reach to share and trade exotic cannabis strains. If you want an open marketplace to share cannabis, vote by joining Campfire as we illuminate the sharing economy of the cannabis industry together.

Never stop sharing.

- Campfire Team

- FAQs -

Is it legal for me to possess and share cannabis?

Yes, depending on where you live. Most states with adult-use recreational or medical marijuana laws allow you to possess and share small amounts of cannabis with your peers. It’s your responsibility to know your local and state laws before using Campfire.

Is Campfire safe?

Yes, absolutely! We created Campfire with community safety as our top priority. Our rating system, similar to peer-to-peer platforms like Uber & Ebay, allows users to look for good people with good ratings. Although the vast majority of meet ups facilitated by mobile apps are safe, you should always use caution and common sense when meeting someone new. A good rule of thumb is to meet during the day in a safe place around other people.

How old do I have to be to use Campfire?

18+ with a medical marijuana card or 21+ for recreational activities, depending on your state.